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  • Educated as a Court- Lawyer (Avocate) and Arbitrator, Marc is not an early adapter to Mediation. Nonetheless over the years he became a believer and these days, next to his Advocacy, Supervisory and Arbitration practice, is a Mediation practitioner as well. Why? The answer is relatively simple. Marc likes to see people do their business and prosper. Marc believes that every coin has two sides and that the legal practice can do better to help. The traditional Litigation and Arbitration systems, necessarily as it sometimes is to resort to the one or the other [e.g. ideological issues and most zero-sum situations], often do not lead to effective and lasting dispute resolution and as a consequence disturb commercial activities (and in its wake prosperity) more than one can imagine. These types of dispute resolution systems have in common that a third party , the Judge or Arbitrator, is the decisive factor and in deciding the parties case inevitably prefers one parties arguments over the other’s. The result is that at least one party faces defeat and the often dire consequence. But is the victorious party really that victorious? Quit often the answer is no. Once obtained, executing the decision often turns out to be difficult. As often success in traditional dispute resolution turns out to be the proverbial pyros victory. And not to ignore the natural human response to seek "revenge" if one loses the case. New disputes often see the light of day as a direct consequence of the outcome of and immediately following conventional dispute resolution. What makes Mediation different is that parties themselves solve their case, be it with, as a condition precedent, the professional help of a Mediator. Mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution is useful in every dispute between people, not in the least also in a business environment. Literally everything is peoples business. More in particular dispute resolution is. Like in every day commercial negotiations, Mediation requires a constructive interaction between people and a such is the best way to solve disputes permanently. Logically these disputes can therefor best be challenged by the parties themselves in Mediation. Marc can help.

    Marc is a Commercial and Litigation Lawyer, Supervisor, Arbitrator as well as Mediator with expertise in most of the legal issues relating to International Trade (including business interruptions), Ship and Commodity Finance, Insurance, Transport (Sea, Air & Road) and Port Operations. Marc has been involved in several leading cases, has been a lecturer at the Grotius Academy on Transport Law and is regularly appointed as an Arbitrator in his area of expertise. Marc has also published numerous articles, several of them in English language legal periodicals and is a frequently asked speaker on seminars. Favorable listings in Chambers and the Legal 500 fell to him (Chambers 2011: "impressive litigation risk expertise, handling complex areas of the law"). Marc is qualified in the Netherlands and joined the Amsterdam based Law Firm SchutGrosheide (now part of DLA Piper) in 1986. After having worked for 15 years in this Firm's Amsterdam office, Marc moved to Rotterdam to start and head DLA Piper's office in this city. As of 1 June 2007 the Rotterdam DLA Piper office took a new course under the name Padberg Spanjaart. Marc held the position of Senior Partner in this International Trade (including Ship and Commodity Finance), Transport & Insurance Law orientated niche Firm. On the 1th of March 2010 Padberg Spanjaart merged with full service law firm Kneppelhout Korthals, also based in Rotterdam, to together not only be the first port of call for M & A, Employment, Insolvency, Competition, Real Estate and IP/IT law, but also for Trade (including Ship and Commodity Finance), Transport, Customs, Trade regulatory, Admiralty and Insurance Law. From October 2010 until September 2013 Marc held the position of the Managing Partner at Kneppelhout Korthals. Marc speaks Dutch, English and German and is happy to be of assistance to the worldwide business community in his areas of practice.

  • International Trade (including business interruptions), Ship and Commodity Finance, Insurance, Transport (Sea, Air & Road) and Port Operations

  • 30 years

  • Kneppelhout & Korthals N.V. (Advocaten)

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